student1The average enrollment of the school is around 100 students, and the normal class size is 15 students. 

ARS is for families who want their children to have excellent leadership education with Jesus Christ as the Head of the school. It is a multi-cultural school that reaches out to children of all denominations. The academy was established in 1971 by church founder Rev. Marilynn Gazowsky, D.D. The school’s superintendent is Pastor Richard Gazowsky, senior pastor to the school’s partnering church, A Place To Meet Jesus. All of the teachers attend church, and really have a heart for serving the Lord. 

ARS’ curriculum is Bible-based, and the focus of learning always begins with building up each child’s spirit, and helping students to blossom in a friendly, creative and inspiring environment. The staff includes Sherwood Jansen, attorney at law, school principal for over 17 years. Vice-Principal Hannah Moran, whose grandparents were knighted by the king of Norway, has a dynamic and loving approach to all the students. 

ARS promotes its students to be “the head, and not the tail” (Deut.28:13) We have many innovative items that you may not always find at other private schools.

  • tuition-assistance programs
  • work study creditvopa3
  • 17-day European trip for seniors
  • Field trips every month including Great America, Giant’s
    games at AT&T Park, SF Duck Boats, the SF Zoo, the Exploratorium, and more!
  • a school carnival & face-painting days
  • an annual Christmas and Fashion show
  • chapel services with a professional band and students assisting 
  • a parenting seminar for families 
  • an opportunity for juniors & seniors to be in afternoon City College classes 

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